Job Routing


During registration, user can associate a domain to the callable. Each domain will be linked to a specific Predicate with its own Policy. By default all rpc-callable are registered within default domain, that allow all callable to be called. In case of rejection, pseud.interfaces.ServiceNotFoundError exception will be raised.

You can of course define your own predicate and register some callable under restricted domain for instance.

def callme(*args, **kw):
    return 'small power'

def callme_admin(*args, **kw):
    return 'great power'

In this example we have 2 callable registered with same name but with different domain. Assuming we a have a Authentication Backend that is able to return a user instance and from this user instance we can know if he is admin. then we can assume the following behaviour

# anonymous user

await client.try_to_callme() == 'small power'

Then with user with admin rights

# user admin

await client.try_to_callme() == 'great power'

From this behaviour we can perform routing based on user permissions.